‘‘Aynabaji’, ‘Debi’ should not be compared'

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chanchalNational award winner actor Chanchal Chowdhury is all set to portray Humayun Ahmed’s iconic fictional character Misir Ali for upcoming film ‘Debi’.

In an interview with Prothom Alo, Chanchal Chowdhury gives his insight about playing Misir Ali on screen.

How is it going to become Misir Ali on screen?

I am busy with rehearsal, makeover and costume and everything related with ‘Debi’. Misir Ali is not a typical character. I have to delve into every details of the character to portray it on screen.  

I am preparing to become Misir Ali.

Misir Ali is a fan-favourite fictional character. Do you feel any extra pressure to portray Misir Ali?

Living up to Misir Ali fans' expectation is not going to be easy. However, the creator of the character, Humayun Ahmed, has depicted Misir Ali in a certain way in the books. Misir Ali on screen will be a combination of the way the writer, director and I imagined him to be. 

Are you satisfied with the cast of ‘Debi’? Do they resonate with the characters of the novel the way you imagined?

It does not matter what I think.  But Jaya is perfect to play Ranu. I will give my best shot to portray Misir Ali on silver screen.  

‘Aynabaji’ was a hit. Do you feel any pressure to start a new film five months after ‘Aynabaji’?

Every work of an artiste cannot be a masterpiece. ‘Aynabaji’ and ‘Debi’ should not be compared. However, it is challenging to live up to the expectation of the fans after ‘Aynabaji’ success. So, yes, the pressure is there.  

You said you won't sign up for a new film in two years of ‘Aynabaji’ release.

I wouldn't have signed up for a new flick in five years. I was offered 15 films after ‘Aynabaji’ successe. I said yes to ‘Debi’ because Misir Ali is my favourite character.

Is there going to be a marathon shooting?

I heard we will shoot for one month. I won't hang out with anyone other than the people associated with ‘Debi’ as I do not want to reveal my new look for ‘Debi’.

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