In memory of the martyred intellectuals


There are some sorrows that can never be assuaged. One such sorrow is the genocide of 1971, topped by the killing of the national intellectuals. Just when the dream of independence was within hand’s reach, the intellectuals were wiped out n a stroke. That is why the joy of Victory Day every year is tempered with sorrow. Today, Wednesday, is that painful day, the Martyred Intellectuals Day. On this day the people recall with deep sorrow and respect the martyrs who were imbibed in intellect and patriotism.

When the Pakistan army saw the inevitability of defeat, they planned this cold-blooded fatal strike. From that fatal night of 25 March, every section of society was victim of the genocide. We lost Professor GC Dev, Munir Chowdhury, Jyotirmoy Guhathakurta, Dr Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury, Rashedul Hasan, Dr Anwar Pasha, Sirajuddin Hossain, Shahidullah Kaiser, Nizamuddin Ahmed, Giasuddin Ahmed, Dr Fazle Rabbi, Dr Aleem Chowdhury, Selina Parveen and many more. They were all talented thinker and pathfinders of humanity.

The criminals against humanity realised defeat was inevitable and wanted to hurl the country into an intellectual vacuum.  We feel that vacuum in every sphere of national life down till today. Their deaths  have been an irreparable loss to Bangladesh. Their loved ones bear the burden of a fractured life. We share their sorrow, we salute their sacrifice.

We can take some comfort in the fact that some of the top killers of the intellectuals have been brought to justice. The trial process continues. However, the trial of the Pakistan army and their international supporters involved in these killings has not been highlighted on an international level. The burial grounds lie desolate.

The government and everyone else is responsible to uphold the memory and  life of the martyred intellectuals. At this time of sorrow, there is need for a firm commitment to fulfill the aspirations of the Liberation War.  

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