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The mosquito menace is tormenting Dhaka city residents, but neither of the two city corporations is taking effective measures to resolve the problem. In some areas, according to a Prothom Alo report on Wednesday, the people have to put up mosquito nets even during the day. Cases of malaria, dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases are increasing. During the rainy season this year, around 2000 persons were admitted to various hospitals with dengue.

Sufferers complain that the authorities have not been spraying the anti-mosquito pesticide. Various places in the city remain unclean. Mosquitos are breeding in the various drains and marshy spots which have not been cleared up. The city corporations say they have adequate pesticides but lack in manpower.

It is reported that five machine men spray every ward in five zones every day. Each machine man sprays five litres of the insecticide, but the size of each ward is not the same and o this is not always effective.  The spray and the manpower must be allocated in keeping with the size of the ward.

The responsibility of dealing with the mosquito menace lies with the two city corporations and the local government’s mosquito control office. The mosquito control office functions on contract with the two city corporations. However, it is obvious that their efforts have failed. The city corporations and the mosquito control office must take immediate measures to rescue to the city residents from this menace. Trained persons must be appointed for the job. Drains, canals and other water bodies must regularly be cleared to prevent further breeding of the mosquitos.

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