The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of police has kept 20-25 people under surveillance for spreading instigation on religious issues.

The CID cyber police center’s special superintendent Mohammad Rezaul Masud told Prothom Alo that CID cyber police is monitoring to check if anybody is instigating people on religious issues.

He did not disclose the identity of those under surveillance.

Police officials said all the people who are vocal in social media are not criminals but certain quarters are using the emotions of those people in creating anarchy.

Cyber police is constantly monitoring who are behind the instigation and apprising high-ups about their activities, the police officials said.

The police officials said 20-25 people are under the surveillance.


Earlier on 27 November, spokesperson of police headquarters and assistant inspector general (media) of police Md Sohel Rana in a video message urged the social media users to be responsible before commenting anything on religious issues.

He said some vested quarters are spreading rumors and false information on religious issues in an ill motive to create anarchy in the country.

Police said many innocent people have fallen prey to such campaign.

Sohel said people can call 999 or contact local police station to be sure about veracity of any information.

Special branch of police, Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) and Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU) are working alongside CID in surveillance.