Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda on Saturday faced difficulties in casting his vote through the electronic voting machine (EVM) as his fingerprints mismatched, reports UNB.

He had to use his National ID card number to cast his vote as the elections to Dhaka south and north city corporations held using the EVMs.

Nurul Huda went to IES School and College polling station at Uttara around 11:15am as he is a voter of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC).

Entering the polling booth to cast his vote, the CEC gave his thumb impression as first stage to cast his vote, but despite repeated attempts his fingerprint did not match.

Later, Nurul Huda gave the election officers concerned his NID card who allowed him to vote by registering his number on the machine.

CEC’s personal secretary AKM Mazharul Islam told UNB, “Sir [EC] first tried to match the fingerprint twice by giving his thumb impression. As it was not matching, he used the NID card for completing the process to avoid wasting time.”

He said the CEC’s fingerprint might have matched had he made more attempts, but he used the NID card to save time.

Nurul Huda voiced satisfaction about the overall atmosphere of the Dhaka city elections.

When his attention was drawn to BNP’s allegation that their agents were being driven out of polling centres, he said: “Polling agents driven out of voting centres should go to the presiding officers, magistrates and law enforcers and enter polling stations with their help.”

About the overall situation, the CEC said the voter turnout is poor until now.

“I’ve visited another polling centre where the voter turnout is also low,” he said. “People’s response to EVM is positive. Those who’ve faced difficulty in exercising their franchise rights through EVM are learning about it at the centre.”

Replying to a question about reports of bomb blasts at some polling centres, CEC Huda said the law enforcers were asked to take action instantly.

“But we’ve no information of attacks carried out in different polling centres. I just learned it from you,” he said. “We’ve taken necessary steps to hold the election peacefully.”