Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs will be used in all the polling stations of today's elections to Dhaka north and south city corporations.

Balloting in Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) and Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) will begin at 8:00am and continue till 4:00pm without any break. Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs will be used in all the polling stations.
Here is all that you need to know how you can cast your vote using EVMs at your polling stations. The guideline has been prepared as per the election commission instructions.

How to cast your vote using EVM
1. Enter the booth: A polling officer will first verify whether you are a legal voter or not through your fingerprint, voter number and NID or Smart Card number. If you are verified as a legal voter, a signal will go to the polling agents and you will be provided a token carrying information including QR Code.
2. Go to the secret room: You will now have to go to an assistant presiding officer with the token. On showing the token, the officer will send you to a secret room where a ballot unit will be issued for three posts.
3. Cast your vote: Press the blue button on the ballot unit against the name or symbol of a candidate of your choice in the left side of the device.
4. Confirm your vote: At the end, you will have to confirm your vote by pressing the CONFIRM button. If you want to cancel it, you have to press CANCEL button. You can cancel your vote twice.