Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) chief Oli Ahmed on Saturday said the government has made its biggest mistake by sending BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia to jail, reports UNB.

"The country's people have understood that this present illegal government wants to grab power again through keeping Khaleda in jail and keeping her away from the next election," he told a discussion programme.

Desh Bachao Manush Bachao Andolan, a pro-BNP-platform, arranged the programme at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) in the capital.

Oli said the government would not be able to make any political gain by keeping Khaleda in jail as people are not with it. "I think jailing Khaleda Zia is the biggest mistake of Awami League in its nine-year tenure."

The LDP leader alleged that the government has kept Khaleda in solitary confinement at the abandoned Old Central Jail violating laws only out of its political 'vengeance' towards her.

Former Dhaka University vice-chancellor Emajuddin Ahmed said the government sent Khaleda Zia to jail as it wants to stay in power by holding another lopsided election like 5 January, 2014 one.

"But, the country's people in no way will accept it," he added.