Shakib Al Hasan considers himself the luckiest person in the world as he and his family were sent food prepared by prime minister Sheikh Hasina, herself.

The ace all-rounder, currently serving a two-year ban from cricket, expressed his joy and surprise updating a Facebook post on Sunday.


The cricketer's post contains a picture of various dishes cooked by the prime minister and two more photos where she was seen spending time with Shakib’s wife Umme Ahmed Shishir and daughter Alaina Hasan Abri. Shakib's family spent time with the prime minister on Saturday, said Shishir.

"I am the luckiest person on earth, I’m truly speechless by this gesture of our honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as I got to taste her delicious cooking which she cooked herself this morning and sent to my house for my wife because she mentioned it was her favourite food when we visited her yesterday. Can’t thank her enough for this amazing gesture. This will always remain in my heart for the rest of my life! We are truly blessed!" read Shakib's status posted on his official Facebook page.

Shishir also thanked prime minister Sheikh Hasina for her kind gesture.


She wrote on her Facebook, "Couldn’t be more blessed, what more ways to satisfy my cravings when our honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina took out the time from her busy schedule to cook for me herself. When she asked me what my favourite food was when we visited her yesterday, she said she will cook it with her own hands and send it to me! I am truly over the moon right now, best lunch ever in my life. I can’t thank our honourable prime minister Sheikh Hasina enough for this lovely gesture with so much love and care."

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