Road accident
Road accidentProthom Alo illustration

Three Bangladeshi students were killed on Thursday in a head-on collision between two vehicles in Winnipeg city of Canada. The Manitoba Islamic Association has confirmed the news saying they studied at the University of Manitoba, reports CBC news.

First vice chair of Manitoba Islamic Association Tasneem Vali said, “The killing of three students by a road mishap is devastating news for this community. All three were from Bangladesh.”

Canadian police said the collision took place on Thursday on Highway 7, which is about 10km south of the city of Arborg, just before 6:30am local time. There were three Bangladeshi students in one of the cars and killed on the spot.


According to the police, two of three killed students are 23. The age of other student didn’t know immediately.

Local authority said the families of three killed students’ live outside of Canada. The Manitoba Islamic Association will arrange the funerals for these students.

Local Bangladeshi associations along with Manitoba Islamic Association are trying to reach out the victims' families.

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