The minister said the Amnesty International has lost its acceptability.

“The organisation didn’t issue any statement when hundreds of people were killed by hurling petrol bombs in Bangladesh. They also made statements in favour of war criminals. Even, they remained silent when people were killed like birds in Palestine. In fact, the acceptability of the organisation has been lost,” he added.

Citing the DSA is for ensuring security of the people of the country, the minister said that the act is for all, including housewives, farmers, rickshaw pullers, officials and journalists.

Hasan, also Awami League joint general secretary, said the act is needed to ensure digital security of people.

The minister said India, Pakistan, Singapore, Australia and many of the countries of European Union have digital security acts also.

Replying to a query, Hasan congratulated BNP leader Rizvi Ahmed for taking Covid-19 vaccine though he (Rizvi) criticised the vaccines earlier.

The minister said it is a good sign. And he (Rizvi) admitted that his propaganda against the vaccine was false.

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