The envoy discussed last week with permanent representatives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Contact Group on the Rohingya Crisis, saying they need swift measures to prevent a lost generation, by providing Rohingyas and others education opportunities, including abroad.

“I hope that these issues will be discussed during the upcoming Summit on education,” she said.

From the tragedy of this conflict, new dynamics have emerged – unprecedented solidarity among youth across all communities to reimagine Myanmar’s future democracy, human rights and governance.

“Inclusion of the Rohingya is a part of this new dynamic in ways we have not seen before. The wider political crisis has united people beyond ethnic and religious divides,” she said.

The envoy asked for continued commitment, as the people in Myanmar are looking to the international community for support of their aspirations of a new Federal Democratic Union that resets Myanmar’s democracy, human rights and governance deficit, and realises the strength in its diversity.

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