The head of the state along with key civil and military officials and family members offered the Eid prayers at the Presidential palace with maintaining health rules, including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

The President usually attends the traditional Eid prayers in capital’s National Eidgah Maidan but like the last two years, the programme has been scrapped due to the Covid-19(Coronavirus) pandemic.

The Eid jamaat (congregation) was held at 9:30am. Pesh Imam of Bangabhaban Jame Mosque Mufti Maulana Saiful Kabir conducted the Eid prayers.

“One thing we need to keep in mind . . . the Covid-19 pandemic is under control but this lethal disease has not completely disappeared. Coronavirus infections are on the rise again in many parts of the world,” he said.

The head of the state feared that the situation could worsen at any time if the people did not become aware of their movement and lifestyle at this situation.

President Hamid added: “We must not call for any danger . . . to make everyone happy” on the holy celebration.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no religious festival of any community, including Eid, were celebrated and enjoyed in the expected joyous atmosphere in last two years, Hamid mentioned.

The President said the Coronavirus situation at present is very much under control, so it is normal that people will have a tendency to enjoy unbridled joy now.

Abdul Hamid also urged the countrymen to share the joy of Eid with all irrespective of rich and poor alike.

Noting that the present government is making continuous efforts to put a smile on the face of every citizen of the country, he said before the Eid-ul-Fitr, 32,904 landless and homeless families were given houses as a gift from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

“Everyone’s pledge on this Eid-ul-Fitr is to make everyone smile by building a hunger-free, poverty-free and happy-prosperous Bangladesh,” the President added.

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