The DMP Commissioner was talking to media after visiting the security measures taken at the National Eidgah ground in the capital Sunday morning.

“There will be our checkposts to thwart the movement of criminals. There are CCTV cameras at strategically important points in the Dhaka city. Those will be monitored from the control room,” he said.

Shafiqul Islam further said the law enforcement detained over 500 listed thieves and muggers in the last one month.

“There may be one or two incidents in such a large city. No one has the capacity to prevent those. We have been trying our best. People also have their responsibilities alongside the police. The primary responsibility of protecting your life and property is yours. Then comes the state. If you lie down on the railway tracks and think the police would save you, this is not a wise thing to do. We certainly will see if any person is attacked,” he added.

The DMP Commissioner also said, “If people follow what we say about ensuring security, that would ensure their life and property. Wherever you go, you take care of your valuables.”

Four-tier security at National Eidgah

Mentioning about ensuring four-tier security at the National Eidgah ground, the DMP Commissioner said, “The devotees can bring their jainamaz (prayer mat) and an umbrella with them. We are saying ‘no’ to anything except these. Besides, everyone has to enter the Eidgah through security archway. If anyone brings any bag that would be searched as well.”

Shafiqul Islam said a total of 1,468 congregations will be held in Dhaka during the Eid-ul-Fitr this year. The DMP will provide security to all. Besides, bomb disposal unit would be sweeping the whole Eidgah ground before the prayer and there will be CCTVs around. DMP teams will monitor the footages.

The DMP Commissioner requested the devotees to turn up at the Eidgah a bit earlier as it would take time for security searches. The same measures would be taken at Baitul Mukarram if the main Eid congregation is held there for inclement weather, he informed the media.

He further said there is no threat of militant attack during the Eid congregations.