People concerned have been requested to follow DMP directives on the day in order to ensure smooth movement of vehicles and avoid traffic jams in the city, said the release.

The directions are: passenger vehicles coming from Mirpur-Gabtali towards Russell Square-Azimpur will take a right turn at Manik Mia Avenue-Dhanmondi 27 and reach the destination via Shankar-Jigatla-Science Laboratory.

Passenger vehicles heading towards Russell Square from New Market and Science Laboratory will take a left turn of Dhanmondi Road No: 2 and reach the destination via Jigatala-Shankar.

The passenger bus coming from Rainbow FDC towards Russell Square will take a left turn at Sonargaon intersection and reach its destination via Shahbagh-Bangla Motor.

Manik Mia Avenue-Dhanmondi 27-Metro Shopping right route-Ahsania Mission crossing left route-Dhanmondi 32 will reach the west end, added the release.