Md Shafiqul Islam said if any candidate faces any problem on the way to the centre, s/he can call national emergency number, 999. “Police will try to take the candidate to the centre.”

He further said police wants to ensure security of the people during the programmes of the Victory Day. Every year policemen with uniform remains active in the field but this year police focussed on intelligence activities more.

The DMP commissioner said the plans have been organised keeping different internal and external issues in mind, in reply to a query on whether there is any threat of militant attack or any special motive.

Md Shafiqul Islam further said there is no information of militant attack. Their activities are sudden. That’s why we can’t always get information beforehand. Police have been raiding at different residential hotels regularly as part of its move to thwart any untoward situation, he added.

The DMP commissioner said several hundred foreign guests will attend the programme. Six gates of the parade square will remain open for people but none will be able to enter there without security checks.

There will be billboards with directives to facilitate the movement of people, he added. “Everyone has to move ahead following the route map.”

Md Shafiqul Islam said, “We’re going to celebrate the biggest festival in our life. We seek people’s assistance in it.”

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