DSCC CEO violates lockdown rules

Dhaka South city Corporation (DSCC) chief executive officer (CEO) Shah Mohammad Emdadul Haque violated lockdown rules by entering Wari in Old Dhaka with a convoy on Saturday, reports UNB.

He admitted that it was wrong to enter the lockdown area with vehicles.

Wari was put under strict lockdown for 21 days from Saturday morning as the area was identified as a 'Red Zone' due to high COVID-19 infection rate.

Tipu Sultan Road, Jahangir Road, Dhaka-Sylhet Highway (Joykali Temple to Baldha Garden) in outer road and Lalmini road, Hare road, War road, Rankin Street and Nawab St in inner Wari were locked down from 6:00am.


Haque entered the lockdown area along with convoy of 8-10 vehicles, which was violation of lockdown rules.

According to lockdown rules, only vehicles of emergency services will be allowed to ply inside the lockdown areas.

When his attention was drawn to the matter, he said it was his fault as it was their first time working in such lockdown area.

"From tomorrow, we will enter on foot and keep vehicles outside the area," he told reporters.

Bamboo barricades were put up at all the entrances of roads.


No-one is allowed to leave the areas without emergency reasons as members of law enforcement agencies and volunteers are strictly monitoring the areas.

Everything except drug stores and shops of essential goods in the area have been shut.

A general holiday has been declared in the lockeddown areas.

The lockdown restriction will be in force until 25 July to contain the transmission of coronavirus.

Over 100,000 people live in the Wari red zone area where 46 people tested positive for coronavirus.