Every policeman has to get the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible. In this case, unit in charge has to ensure vaccination of police and non-police members.

The ‘No Mask No Service’ and ‘No Mask No Entry’ instructions have to comply with in all police units and have to arrange masks where applicable.

In all cases of duty, physical distance (at least 3 feet or 1 meter), sneezing-coughing etiquette and hygiene must be following.

Measurement of body temperature and hand washing / sanitation for service recipients and visitors entering the police establishment has to be ensured.

The use of personal hygiene items (masks, hand gloves, hand sanitizers, etc.) for each police member must be ensured.

Weapons, handcuffs, riot gear, hand mic, metal detectors, archways, etc. used in operational work must be properly disinfected.

Before entering the residence at the end of duty, everyone has to thoroughly disinfect uniforms and shoes and take a bath with soap.

Before entering dining room, canteen, recreation room, roll call, and after returning from duty, everyone has to maintaining social and physical distance in the gathering place and ensuring use of protective gear must be ensured.

Covid-19 positive members have to be treated at central / divisional / district police hospitals and local hospitals as per the doctor's advice.

Unit in-charge has to take immediate step in case of emergency transfer of the patient.

Awareness briefing has to give during roll call following the SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) guidelines issued by the police headquarters for prevention of Covid-19 infection.

Police members have to follow the Covid-19 related instructions, given earlier, in properly and sincerely

All members of each police unit must ensure that they receive the Covid-19 (booster dose) vaccine in coordination with the local health administration etc.

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