The decision came at a meeting called to determine ways of saving electricity and fuel at the Pani Bhaban in the capital on Wednesday.

The directives also include that the officials are allowed to run the ACs for one hour after every two hours while the minimum temperature for the central AC has been set at 26°C. All lights must be switched off at the corridors inside the Pani Bhaban and utilization of sunlight must be ensured.

All elevators, except for three, will remain closed at the building while use of electric kettle and microwave oven will be prohibited.

Apart from these, the ministry encouraged the officials to share vehicles with other colleagues and refrain from using official transport during individual site visits. The training courses should be decreased and the meetings should be held virtually.

All these directives will come into effect at the Pani Bhaban in the capital. The ministry also asked the officials to remain careful of containing waste of power.