DNC additional director Fazlur Rahman said, the DNC prepared a list over drug peddlers earlier. Recently, it has been updated. Now, a drive is underway to arrest the peddlers.

Fazlur Rahman said the department's manpower and capability have been increased to conduct more drives against drug traders.

At the press conference, he said 10 drug dealers have been detained and 500 grams of crystal meth seized in various drives in Banani and Uttara of the capital city on 21 August.

Five more persons have been detained from Batara, Kuril and Ramna area on Thursday. The law enforcement recovered 560 grams of crystal meth and 1200 yaba pills in their possession.

The detained are Zakaria Ahmed (32), Tarek Ahmed (55), Saddam Hossain (31), Shahidul Islam Khan (48) and Jasim Uddin (50). Cases have been filed against them under the narcotics control act at Bhatara, Gulshan and Ramna police station.

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