Inspector general of police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed presided over the programme.

“Police are working as a regulator to implement the government’s vision with secured development. The police force is not only working to maintain law and order, but also to eliminate militancy,” Asaduzzaman said.

“Police got injured during the militant outbreak. We saw a scenario in an anti-militant operation in Rajshahi, but also saw the same in front of the National Press Club yesterday,” the minister said.

He said that a significant number of police personnel die every year while performing their professional duties. In 2020, some 457 policemen of different ranks died in different situations, of them 208 have sacrificed their lives while on duty.

“I extended my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members of the victims,” Asaduzzaman said.

“The countrymen must feel proud that police set up a unique example for their sincerity and professionalism while carrying out their duties with utmost sacrifice,” he said.

Home minister further said police force has been discharging their responsibilities properly as proper law and order and security is the first requirement for Bangladesh as a developing country and police are doing it properly.

The minister said Bangladesh is moving from a least developed country to a developed one and the main task is to ensure law and order and security in the country.

“But police are doing it properly. If that work falls on deaf ears, then the development and progress of Bangladesh would be impeded,” the minister added.

The minister said the present government has always been working for the development of the police force, adding, “A circular was issued to pay TK 800,000 at a time to each family member of the police who died on service.

Besides, measures have been taken for a grant of TK 400,000 for the permanently disabled and retired policemen.”

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