Sharif Md Faruquzzaman, senior assistant commissioner of New Market zone of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) confirmed the matter. Speaking to Prothom Alo on Thursday, he said, “The names of some unidentified persons have been mentioned in the case filed over the killing of pedestrian Nahid and 24 others in the case filed for carrying out an attack on police. The rest are still unidentified. They will be identified and arrested through police investigation and video footage analysis.”

“Besides, another case will be filed over the killing of the salesman who was injured during the clash and succumbed to his injuries on Thursday,” he added.

According to the sources of New Market, a clash broke out on late Monday night between the Dhaka College students and traders of New Market. Some 25 police members were injured while trying to diffuse them. Then on Tuesday again, the two parties locked into clashes which lasted all day. A pedestrian named Nahid Hasan was killed during the clash. Later, a few cocktails were blasted in front of Dhaka College.

Police said Nahid Hasan’s uncle Md Sayeed filed a case as plaintiff over the killing of his nephew on Wednesday. Some 150 to 200 identified persons were made accused in this case.

In addition, a sub-inspector (SI) at the New Market police station, lodged a case as plaintiff on the allegation of assaulting police and obstructing government duties against 900 unidentified persons besides mentioning the names of 24 people in New Market.

Meanwhile, Yamin Kabir, another SI at the New Market police station, filed another case accusing 150 to 200 unidentified persons in connection with cocktail blasts in front of Dhaka College.

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