“Tipped off, a CTTC special action group conducted a drive in the area and arrested the members of the banned militant group in the night,” said Mohammad Asaduzzaman, chief of CTTC unit and the additional police commissioner of DMP.

The CTTC also recovered some explosive materials, a remote controller and one motorbike along the other materials, he said.

Police said the arrestees had a link with the incident of bomb explosion at the Signboard police box in Siddhirganj, said Asaduzzaman at a press briefing at DMP media centre on Monday.

Asaduzzaman further said, “The CTTC unit in a drive in Noagaon in Araihazar upazila, arrested a member of Neo-JMB Military branch member Abdullah Al Mamun along with bomb and bomb making materials on 11 July. After interrogation, they came to know about Shafiqur and Khalid.”

The Neo-JMB members planted a bomb at the traffic police box in Signboard area of Siddhirganj in a bid to assassinate the police member on duty there on 16 May as per the order of their Ameer Mahadi Hasan Jon alias Abbad Al Bangali, he said.

“Due to a technical fault, they failed to explode the bomb and left the place leaving the remote controller on the road. Later, a bomb disposal unit defused the bomb.”

However, a case was filed with Jatrabari police station over the incident.

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