DGHS looks into Shahjahan Khan’s daughter’s allegations

DGHS looks into Shahjahan Khan’s daughter’s allegations

Oiashe Khan, on Monday, submitted a complaint to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) about being issued an ‘incorrect’ COVID-19 test report.

Daughter of presidium member of Awami League and former shipping minister Shahjahan Khan, Oiashe Khan alleged in her letter to the director general of DGHS, that she and her father have been humiliated because of the incorrect report issued by the directorate. She said this was an unpardonable offence and requested that an inquiry be made into the matter immediately. She called for action to be taken against those responsible for the mistake. She also said that steps should be taken so in future no one is harassment again in this manner.

The DG DGHS Abul Bashar Mohammad Khurshed Alam, speaking to the media about Oiashe Khan’s coronavirus report, said, “PCR tests can have false negative results. Former minister Shahjahan Khan contacted us this morning. We are speedily looking into the matter. We will take action. There is nothing to hide here. If it is our mistake, we shall say so. If it is a mistake of the machine, we will say so too. And if it has been done in accordance to anyone’s wishes, then that too will be sorted out. Three persons are looking into the matter.”

On Sunday when Oiashe Khan was about to board a flight to London after showing a negative coronavirus certificate, the airport authorities checked the website and found her to be coronavirus positive. She could not board the flight.


Speaking to Prothom Alo on Monday, Shahjahan Khan said his daughter could not go to London because of a wrong report given by the health directorate.

In her letter to the DG, Oiashe Khan said that she had given her sample at the specified place on 24 July and on 25 July the report showed that she had tested negative. They then collected a copy of the certificate from the isolation centre and that too was negative. However, she said, she only discovered that she was actually coronavirus positive when she went to the airport on Sunday.

Oiashe Khan wrote that as the initial report had been negative, she had mixed with everyone freely and had gone by car to the airport with her father. Now she was concerned about the health of her father and the rest of the family.

She said that because of the two different reports, humiliating and negative news had appeared in the media about her father. That was an unpardonable offence, she said.