The report says the number of deaths in police custody in August has surpassed the previous month. The number of the incidents of violence against women and children, including rape, has also been in the alarming state, the report commented.

The state is held responsible for the deaths in police custody. Of the deaths, a custodian was allegedly tortured before sending to prison that accelerated him death. Another speech impaired girl custodian allegedly committed suicide in the police station.

"Detaining a physically challenged in custody is not legal. Therefore, it is imperative to take necessary steps over the deaths in custody," says the report.

MSF claimed there are 534 incidents of violence against women and children in August that is higher by 180 than that of July. In this month, 66 rape incidents were recorded along with 24 gang rapes and two murders. Among the rape victims, 26 were adolescents and 14 were children.

The rights body says, in August, a total of 799 people came under attack of the political violence.

Of them, 722 were wounded, 30 sustained bullet injuries and 43 were detained.

Among the slain people, one was BNP activist while two others were Awami League activist. According to the report, 14 journalists were injured in 38 incidents that took place last month while the body of a female journalist was recovered.

Beyond that three journalists came under attack, six were harassed and 14 received threats in discharging professional duties in August.