Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) has fixed the prices of hand sanitizers of seven medicine manufacturing companies in the country as some fraudulent businessmen were charging extra money taking the advantage of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The directorate on Tuesday issued a notification signed by DGDA director general after discussing the price fixation with the companies.


It is prohibited to sell more than one hand sanitizer to one person, the release said, adding if hand sanitizer is sold above the fixed price legal action will be taken against respective businessmen.

The notification also said that SK+F Pharmaceutical Limited will sell 50ml solution for hand-rub at Tk 40 while 100ml and 200ml will be sold at Tk 52 and 100 respectively.

ACI Pharmaceuticals Limited is asked to sell 500ml Hexisol Hand Rub solution (with dispenser) at Tk 215.65 and 250ml at Tk 140.42.

250ml Hexisol Hand Rub (bottle) of ACI will be sold at Tk 130.39, 500ml at Tk 196.33 and 50ml at Tk 40.12 while its 10 ml and 50ml Clean Gel hand sanitizer will be sold at Tk 10 and 100 respectively.

The prices of the products Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd, General Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Greenland Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Opsonin Pharmaceuticals Ltd were also fixed.