While participating in the discussion on a proposed law titled "The Delimitation of Constituencies Bill, 2021", Bablu said he thinks the unemployment problem will go away if the marriages between working women and working men are barred, triggering a laughter in the house.

In reply, law minister Anisul Haque turned down his demand calling it unconstitutional. Bablu said there should be a law in the country so that working men cannot marry working women.

"If this law is enacted, there'll no unemployment problem in the country. If both the husband and the wife remain in services, they have to leave behind their child or children at home alone. This is how many children are abused and tortured by domestic-helps. If we get a law in this regard, such repressive acts will decline in the country substantially," the independent MP said in support of his contention.

Currently, he said, there are 40 million unemployed people in the country.

"This unemployment problem cannot be solved with working men marrying working women, or working women marrying working men. That's why, the unemployed people always remain unemployed in the country."

Reacting to Rezaul Karim's statement, Anisul Haq said, “Sorry, I won’t be able to move forward, even one or two steps, with such proposal.”

The minister, however, said there is freedom of speech in the country. "So, anyone can say anything. An MP also enjoys such rights. But, as a law minister and public representative, I cannot say whatever I wish."

Taking part in the discussion on another Bill, Bablu tried to say more in favour of his proposal, but he could not proceed as speaker Shirin Sharmin Choudhury, who was presiding over the session, requested him to speak specifically on the proposed law --"The Delimitation of Constituencies Bill, 2021".

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