The agency is, by and large, not involved in corruption, he continued, adding that RAB is an "effective agency."

Even the US government said RAB helped curb terrorism, drug trafficking, and human trafficking in Bangladesh that were considered to be shared priorities with successive US administrations, Momen added.

A few RAB members who abused their authority and committed excesses were brought to justice, he said.

When police kill someone in Bangladesh, it is called "extrajudicial killing" but when law enforcers do it in the US they term it dying "in the line of duty" and no head of the agency is punished, the minister said.

The US said 600 people disappeared from their homes in Bangladesh in the last 10 years, he added.

"However, every year some 100,000 people go missing in the USA, according to its official estimate. So, this is not a big deal there. But if the same thing happens in Bangladesh, they call it enforced disappearance," Momen said.

The US imposed human rights-related sanctions on individuals and RAB as an entity on the occasion of International Human Rights Day.

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