Amit was a student of botany department under the 2015-16 session (45th batch), the acting proctor said, adding that he was from Khulna.

According to the hall authorities, Amit went to the roof of Shaheed Rafiq-Jabbar Hall to bathe in the rain around 2pm and slipped off the top of five-storey building.

Sensing the mishap, several fellow students rushed to the spot and took him to the university medical center after rescue.

Later, he was taken to the Enam Medical College Hospital for better treatment. But he lost his battle for life after being taken to the ICU.

Sohel Ahmed, the provost of Shaheed Rafiq-Jabbar Hall, mourned the death and expressed condolence to the bereaved family members.

Proctor Feroz-ul-Hasan said the university administration would extend all necessary assistance until the last rites of Amit.