This picture was revealed after talking to local administrative officials and flood-affected people on Saturday morning. The scenario was more or less the same in all 12 upazilas of the district.

Flood affected people said that Sunamganj had been hit with flood for the third time since last Wednesday. At present, all the upazilas of the district have become inundated.

Out of them all, the condition is the worst in Sunamganj Sadar, Chhatak and Dowarabazar upazilas. People are suffering indescribably there.

Cellphone networks and internet services in Sunamganj town are closed. Because of this many people from outside of Sunamganj are failing to know the sufferings and distress of the flood-affected people.

People of Sunamganj who are outside of the district and have relatives back there are spending their days amid worries and anxiety. They are saying, they are unable to know the condition of their relatives and family. They could only know that the floodwater is rising.

Hundred per cent houses in the town have become flooded. There is knee to waist-high water in every room. Many are also failing to move to a safer place because of the scarcity of boats.

According to the information found through different sources, nothing can be cooked, as the stoves in most of the houses in Sunamganj town have been submerged.

The crisis has worsened with businesses remaining closed. In this situation, a food crisis has been created in the town. Potable water cannot be found either.

The anxieties of the flood-affected people are increasing even further because of the continuous pouring of rain and rising of the water level. Army personnel are working in the district to rescue people stranded in floodwater.

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