Dedicated Corona Isolation Hospital, Rangpur.
Dedicated Corona Isolation Hospital, Rangpur. BSS

The number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases reached 6,296 as 112 new patients were reported after testing 376 samples on Friday at two COVID-19 Laboratories in Rangpur division.

“The COVID-19 infection continues to rise in recent weeks for ignoring health rules in the division,” focal person of COVID-19 and assistant director (health) for Rangpur division ZA Siddiqui told BSS Saturday.

According to the district-wise data, of the total patients 1,709 have been detected in Rangpur including city areas, 325 in Panchagarh, 664 in Nilphamari, 383 in Lalmonirhat, 487 in Kurigram, 381 in Thakurgaon, 1,693 in Dinajpur and 654 in Gaibandha.


“Meanwhile, the number of recovered COVID-19 patients rose to 4,261 with the healing of 54 more people on Friday at the recovery rate of 67.67 per cent in the division,” Siddique said.

The 4,261 recovered include 1,330 of Rangpur, 203 of Panchagarh, 589 of Nilphamari, 238 of Lalmonirhat, 250 of Kurigram, 248 of Thakurgaon, 1,072 of Dinajpur and 331 of Gaibandha.

Talking to BSS, divisional director (health) Amin Ahmed Khan said the total number of fatalities remained steady at 108 with no more death reported from anywhere of the division on Friday.

The district-wise break up of the total 108 fatalities stands at 31 in Rangpur, 36 in Dinajpur, 12 in Gaibandha, nine in Nilphamari, six each in Kurigram and Thakurgaon, five in Panchagarh and three in Lalmonirhat.

“The average casualty rate among all 6,296 COVID-19 infected patients now stands at around 1.71 per cent in the division,” he said.

Among the total 6,296 COVID-19 patients, 205 are undergoing treatments at isolation units of different hospitals. A total of 4,261 patients were discharged after recovery and 108 died of the infection. While 1,722 are remaining in home isolations in the division.

During the last 24 hours till 8:00am Saturday, 374 people were put in quarantine at home or institutions and 706 others released in the division.

A total of 61,079 people of the division were put in quarantines, and of them, 55,791 were released and 5,288 are currently remaining in home or institutional quarantines.


“Since the beginning, we have tested a total of 40,567 collected samples of Rangpur division till Friday night, and of them, 6,296 were found COVID-19 positive with an infection rate of around 15.52 percent,” Khan said.

“Currently, the government hospitals and health services providing facilities have 1,123 physicians, 1,757 nurses and 5,907 other staff to provide treatments to the infected patients and face the situation in the division,” Khan added.

Chief of divisional coronavirus service and prevention task force and principal of Rangpur Medical College professor AKM Nurunnabi Lyzu laid emphasis on abiding by the health directives to prevent spread of the deadly virus.