New areas are being flooded due to continuous increase in water.

Officials of the Water Development Board (WDB), Sylhet, said water levels in all major rivers, including the Surma and the Kushiara, continue to rise. The water of Surma river is flowing over the danger line at all points.


Besides, more than normal water is flowing in the border rivers including the Sari, Dhalai and Lobachhara. The Kushiara river is nearing danger as the water level continues to rise.

Meanwhile, torrential rains have lashed Sylhet in the last 24 hours.

According to the data of meteorological department, Lalakhal received 283 mm of rain, Chhatak 200 mm, Sunamganj 185 mm, Kanaighat 115 mm, Jaflong 113 mm, Zakiganj 86 mm, Sheola 64 mm and Sylhet Sadar 45 mm.

Cherrapunji in Meghalaya recorded 674 mm of rainfall. As a result, water levels in rivers and haors in Sylhet and Sunamganj continue to rise.


The water level at Sylhet point of Surma river is now flowing at 32 cm above the danger level, 93 cm at Kanaighat point and 70 cm at Sunamganj point.

At least 15 wards of Sylhet City Corporation have been flooded due to rising water.

Of them six unions have been flooded in Sadar upazila, four in South Surma, nine in Kanaighat, four in Zakiganj, six in Beanibazar, three in Golapganj, two in Bishnath, six in Jaintapur, 10 in Gowainghat and eight in Companiganj.


Apart from Sunamganj municipality, Sadar upazila, Tahirpur, Bishwambarpur, Chhatak and Doarabazar upazilas have been flooded. The flood situation in Doarabazar and Chhatak upazilas is very critical. The communication system of the two upazilas is completely disconnected.

Sunamganj district relief and rehabilitation officer Shafiqul Islam said 330 tonnes of rice and Tk 900,000 have been sent to the concerned upazila administration and people’s representatives for distribution.

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