According to officials of the centre, the boys went on rampage at 10:00pm after locking entrances from the inside. They broke at least 100 electric bulbs, two television sets, 50 taps, two main collapsible gates, water pipes, dormitory beds and utensils.

At one stage, they broke a gate at the top of the staircase and three of them fled away.

Upon receiving the news, Jashore deputy commissioner Tamijul Islam Khan, additional district magistrate Kazi Sayemuzzaman and high officials from the police force rushed to the centre and deployed additional police forces to bring the situation under control.

The agitating boys stopped their demonstration at 2:00 am after administrative officials assured them that their demands would be met.

The resident juveniles had been demanding quality food, supply of pure water, sports facilities and other matters for a couple of days.

Tamijul Islam Khan said a probe committee has been formed to investigate the grievances and they will submit a report as soon as possible. Further initiatives would be taken as per the committee recommendation.

On 13 August, 2020, three teenagers were killed and 15 injured in a clash at the centre. Several probe committees were formed to investigate the event. But none of the committee recommendations were implemented.

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