Asaduzzaman said some unruly people have tried to vandalise temples of the Hindu community in Chandpur centering the Cumilla incident. Police have struggled to tackle the situation there. Five people died there.

"Why is this killing, why is this death and to fulfill whose purpose?" the home minister asked.

Asaduzzaman said, "We noticed Paritosh, a minor boy, posted an objectionable status on Facebook in Rangpur. Violence broke out over this. Our police force tried its level best to protect his home. He has been arrested. But in the meantime, arson attacks, looting and vandalism have been carried out in the adjacent village. We condemn this."

The home minister said, "A malicious attempt has been made to destroy communal harmony and create instability by circulating propaganda on Facebook in Ramu, Nasirnagar and Bhola. When you (media workers) see these incidents on Facebook, you will verify its authenticity. You will control the agitation. Don't react to any instigation for nothing. Such an incident was carried out in Rangpur."

Asaduzzaman said a quarter is spreading propaganda by circulating video clips that Jatan Shah was killed in a similar manner in Noakhali. The matter is unfortunate and inhuman.

The home minister said those who are trying to gain by spreading such type of propaganda, will be found and will have to answer why they are destroying communal harmony and peace.

The law enforcing agencies will find them and mete out exemplary punishment, he added.

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