Employers who use the services of private employment agencies must also ensure that the agency is registered and has a license certified by the Department of Manpower Peninsular Malaysia under the Private Employment Agencies Act 1981, according to the statement.

The entry of foreign workers for all employment sectors was approved by the Malaysian cabinet meeting on 10 December last year.

This entry will open to all sectors allowed for the employment of foreign workers namely agriculture, manufacturing, services, mining and quarrying, construction and domestic servants.

Previously, approval was given for the entry of 32,000 foreign workers for the plantation sector with special exemptions.

All these admissions must comply with the Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) for the admission of foreign workers which was approved by the Covid-19 Ministerial Quartet Meeting on 14 December 2021, according to the media statement.

This SOP includes four phases namely pre-release, on arrival, post-arrival i.e. quarantine and post-quarantine period.

Accordingly, the minister will make an announcement in the near future on the date of applications that can be submitted by employers online for the process of hiring foreign workers for each sector of employment allowed from the Source Country.

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