The prime minister said an atmosphere has been ensured for all political parties to carry out their party activities and their participation in the election. The government has taken various measures to make the next parliamentary election a more credible and participatory one, she told the parliament.

Sheikh Hasina made these remarks while addressing a question and answer session in parliament on Wednesday. Speakers Shirin Sharmin Choudhury presided over the session.

Jatiya Party lawmaker Syed Abu Hossain placed a question in parliament saying, “Do you, the prime minister, as the daughter of the Father of the National have any special plan to ensure participation of all registered political parties to make the next parliamentary election more acceptable and inclusive; if you have any plan then what is that?”

In reply to the question from the Jatiya Party lawmaker, the prime minister mentioned various steps saying the election commission is independent as per constitution. Chief election commissioner and other commissioners perform their duties independently in accordance with the constitution and other laws and the government cooperates the election commission as per the latter’s demand.

Sheikh Hasina mentioned 11 significant measures taken by the government aimed at making the next parliamentary election more acceptable and inclusive. She said the election commission formation act has been enacted in line with the constitution to hold the local government and the national elections credible and fair.

The parliament passed the election commission formation law on 27 January this year.

Sheikh Hasina, who is the leader of parliament, said when the chief election commissioner and other election commissioners appointment bill was tabled in parliament, 22 amendments were made to the bill and that was the first step to hold the election in a free, fair and credible manner.

Voter list with photos are being prepared to conduct a fair and acceptable election. Besides, modern electronic voting munching (EVM) was introduced in electoral process and a level playing field has been ensured for all political parties to carry out their party activities without any disturbance, Sheikh Hasina added.

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