The minister further said the country’s health sector is today more advanced than at any time in the past. But many new problems have also emerged along with the development in the health sector of the country.

“We are committed to tackling infectious diseases through health care development and we have dealt with infectious diseases like TB, cholera and diarrhoea very successfully. We have also dealt with Covid-19 pandemic. These are now under control. But many non-communicable diseases have increased during this time”, the minister added.

Environmental pollution is one of the reasons for these deaths related to non-communicable diseases. Our lifestyle and food habits are also responsible for increasing these deaths. Treatment of these diseases is costly. As a result, expenditure is increasing both at the individual and at the state level.

Giving importance to research, Maleque said the research helps policymakers to take effective decisions. “So we will be engaged in more and more research. The results of several studies have been published today. We hope the results would play a significant role in the development of our overall health system, especially in the fight against the NDC.”

“The government is also emphasising health education. At present, there are 38 government medical colleges and five medical universities in the country,” he added.

Zahid Maleque also highlighted the various initiatives and successes of the government in dealing with Covid-19.

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