“No relatives of mine were involved with the incident. I have no relationship with the passengers involved in the incident. Some opportunists have tried to take advantage by selling my name,” Sujan told the news agency on Saturday.

Expressing his firm stance on behalf of the offenders being brought to book, the minister said, “No one involved with the incident will be spared even if passengers without tickets are related to me. Similarly, if a railway official commits any misdeed with the passengers, he will also have to face the same punitive action.”

Sujan also claimed that he was not aware of the suspension of the railway official.

“I heard about the incident last night from higher officials of the ministry. Authorities have taken departmental action against the concerned official after a written complaint by the passengers. If he (suspended TTE) can respond properly, then he will be awarded,” the minister said.

He also said that TTEs often harass the passengers and do misbehave with them, which tarnishes the image of the railways. Usually the ministry cannot take action against the accused TTEs due to manpower shortage, added the minister.

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