“Honourable Speaker, we have been hearing repeatedly that there’s no opposition in this parliament. It was said even today. I request you please expunge it,” Ranga said.

He said it is a few BNP MPs views that there is no opposition in parliament. “We’ve 26 MPs from Jatiya Party. If he (Harunur Rashid) makes such a bad comment on us, you need to expunge it and stop his speech. Or else, we’ll be forced to stage a walkout.”

The Jatiya Party MP also asked Harunur Rashid to refrain from making such a comment in the future.

“The way he used to make unguarded remarks using unparliamentary words, any accident can happen anytime in the lobby.”

As Harunur Rashid wanted to know whether he has been given a threat, Mashiur Rahman Ranga said, “It’s not a threat as I won’t carry out the incident. But if anyone does anything, who will take the responsibility? I won’t take the responsibility.”

Earlier, de facto opposition BNP MP, Harunur Rashid, said there is no effective opposition in the current parliament (11th parliament). “They (Jatiya Party) themselves say they are the opposition on paper.”

Protesting Harunur Rashid’s comment, the Opposition Chief Whip wanted to know whether the 26 Jatiya party MPs belong to the ruling party.

He said they joined the election sharing seats with Awami League as a process of election. “They (BNP) now want Jatiya Party to join them and move with them together. There’s no scope for us to go with BNP ever as long as Mashiur Rahman Ranga is alive. They kidnapped my child and torched my house and grabbed my house in my electoral area.”

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