According to Habibul Awal, the political parties have to create the level playing field through effective competition by taking part in the elections. “It is not possible to organise a fair and credible elections always with the help of law enforcing agencies if the political parties do not create a balance in the field.”

The CEC further said, “As the chief election commissioner I would say true democratic elections cannot be held by flexing power on the streets. You (political parties) have to participate in the polls. There are principles and rules in the election and you have to compete according to those.”

Habibul Awal said he wants political compromise among the political parties and let there be dialogue. Simultaneously he sought help of the government and political parties for fair elections.

CEC Awal said they (election commissioners) have been observing that no dialogue is taking place among the political parties. But they think this dialogue is necessary. They don’t want to get involved in political affairs but hope for necessary cooperation from the politicians.

Habibul Awal further said the political parties have wisdom. They would ponder over this. A good election will be held through showing power on the streets, he does not believe this.

CEC said expected level of success won’t be achieved if there is no cooperation from the government. The election will be more successful if the government extends help.