Claiming that BNP leaders and activists attacked on police in Bhola with weapons Quader, also road transport and bridges minister, said, "Who instigated the incident in Bhola? Watch video footages...who brought procession carrying weapons and who attacked on the police with those weapons. What was the police supposed to do?"

"Should the police have remained idle? The murderous nature of the BNP got clear in Bhola," he added.

The AL general secretary said that BNP is trying to create an unstable and anarchic situation in the country prior to the upcoming elections.

"By carrying out arson terrorism, BNP leaders are trying to destroy the electoral environment and make the polls questionable," he added.

The minister said a huge number of young people gathered on Abahani ground and Banani graveyard, which proved that the AL is ready to resist the politics of intrigue.

"We will resist the politics of killing and conspiracy. This is our pledge (on this day)," he added.

Quader said the delight of Sheikh Kamal's birthday was lost through his bloody farewell in 1975.

The young generation of Bangladesh has a lot to learn from Shaheed Captain Sheikh Kamal as he was a multidimensional talent and genius, he said.

"Sheikh Kamal was found every day in sports like cricket and football, and cultural arena," Quader said, adding that Kamal also came to Madhur Canteen at Dhaka University (DU) and was involved in Chhatra League.

Sheikh Kamal can be a role model for the country's young generation, he added.