Terming Hefazat-e-Islam as a militant organisation, 551 Alems (religious scholars) of ‘Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat Bangladesh’ have urged the government to ban the Islamic hardliners.

“Ban Hefazat declaring them a militant organisation and safeguard the law and order situation of the country,” Ahle sunnat alems urged the government in a joint statement issued on Saturday.

The alems said the Hefazat men unleashed violence across the country with an ill motive to usurp state power.

Hefazat’s activities have embarrassed the Alem’s of the country, the statement observed.


Ahle Sunnat alems said Islam does not support social misconduct, damaging life and public property. The country is never safe in the hands of those who carry out such activities.

The joint statement also called upon the government to establish full control over Qawmi madrasas of the country.

They also said Islam’s fundamental beliefs do not have any iota of similarity with Hefazat. The hardliners have been propagating violence since its beginning in 2010.

The statement also alleged that the Hefazat’s leaders are using Islam as means to cover up their heinous activities.

It also said some Hefazat leaders are trying to interfere in the fundamental tenets of Islam in the pretext of saving the holy religion. Some are even trying to introduce ‘contract marriage’, changing the principles of Islam.

Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat Bangladesh’s chairman Kazi Mohammad Muinuddin Ashrafi and secretary general Syed Masihuddoulah were among the signatories.