Alleging that the police have completely failed to maintain law and order situation in the country, the BNP leader said extortion by policemen and allegations of rape against police officials have become common.

“IGP said now police will also do journalism. They will start journalism instead of saving peoples’ lives, arresting thieves and robbers. This is a far-reaching plan,” he added.

Fakhrul also alleged that bureaucrats are acting as Awami League men nowadays, “Where is Awami League, they are non-existent. It has become Amla (bureaucrat) League.”

Terming the current government as aggressive, the BNP leader urged people to get united and form a mass upsurge against the government.

BNP standing committee member Iqbal Hasan Mahmud, senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi and organising secretary Shama Obaid, among others, were present at the programme.

UNB adds: Fakhrul voiced deep concern that the government is going to control social media after the mainstream media only to suppress the truth.

"Our information minister yesterday (Thursday) said all the TVs that are operated here on social media and from outside the country must take permission (from the government here). That means the government will now control those who speak for democracy and the truth through social media," Fakhrul said.

The BNP leader said the government has already ‘destroyed’ the freedom of the press and 'curtailed' freedom of speech through different laws, including the Digital Security Act. "They've already established a one-party rule under a different cover by snatching people's voting rights and the press freedom."

Fakhrul alleged that the government has been making unguarded comments against BNP founder Ziaur Rahman, his widow Khaleda Zia and their son Tarique Rahman to misguide people and divert their attention to a different direction from the government's failure to deliver on all fronts.

The BNP leader said the Awami League government is trying to turn Bangladesh into a 'vassal' state, shattering all the dreams of people. “Basically, it is a puppet government.”

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