People, who do not have soil under their feet, are daydreaming to topple the government, the Awami League general secretary said, adding BNP does not take lessons from their failures.

Urging BNP leaders to participate in elections, the minister said “There is no alternative to elections for changing the government.

“So don’t move here and there targeting to capture the state power,” he said pointing out BNP.

Terming BNP as a common platform for all anti-state elements, the minister said the particular party has been remained involved in the malpractice to jeopardize the spirit of the Liberation War since its inception.

The ruling party leader, however, claimed that “Only the Awami League can protect the independence along with the people as the independence has been achieved under the leadership of the party.”

Noting that BNP had deprived the people of their voting rights through organizing voter-less elections, Quader told the press briefing that BNP had tortured the minorities for not voting them and hampered the people’s free movement through launching arson attacks.

He said prime minister Sheikh Hasina has established the rights of the people and taken the country toward the highway of development, adding that so, BNP is jealous of the development achieved under the current government.

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