Quader, also the general secretary of ruling Awami League, said without finding any issue to reach people, the BNP is now holding dialogues within its own circle to consume time.

The people have seen such dialogues in the past too, he added saying the BNP has been blindly criticising the government and making falsehood and poisonous statement against it constantly and relentlessly.

"Now they (BNP leaders) are saying that my language is not the language of politics," Quader said.

The AL general secretary said "we always speak in the language of politics; no offensive words come in our language; the AL leaders and workers did not get such education. On the other hand, the BNP leaders and their workers speak in indecent languages.

Mentioning that the BNP leaders do not utter the name of prime minister Sheikh Hasina with honour, he said that the BNP men chant slogan - 'Let's roar the weapons of '75 once again '. "Is there any indecent language than it?" Quader questioned.

He said the BNP leaders gave death threat to prime minister Sheikh Hasina, which was not tolerable at all. "What could be more dirty language than it ? You (BNP leaders) should speak with patience first and then tell us," he said.

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