Harunur Rashid, MP, said, “Don’t force us to leave parliament.” He also said their demand is logical. They will have to think whether they would continue as MPs if their demands are not met with, he added.

The BNP MP further said the government knows that the people will be energised if Khaleda Zia is released. “That’s why the government is not releasing her. The way the prime minister dictated the law minister by looking back in the Jatiya Sangsad is shameful. And, the way the law minister explained (the law) is ludicrous.”

Another MP, GM Siraj, said the health condition of Khaleda Zia is very bad. She is dwelling in the midst of life and death. But the government has been overlooking the advices of physicians, he added.

“The law minister said Khaleda Zia will have to go to jail to apply for going abroad. If the government wants it can declare Khaleda Zia’s residence as sub-jail and send her abroad for treatment within 24 hours,” the MP said.

GM Siraj further said after seeing the body language of the prime minister in her last press conference they do not expect anything about Khaleda Zia’s release from her. He demanded to the President to use his power to send Khaleda Zia abroad for treatment.

Elected from reserved seat, Rumeen Farhana MP said the government is pushing Khaleda Zia towards death slowly. The government has to bear the responsibility if anything happens to Khaleda Zia. Khaleda Zia would have get bail if there were rule of law in the country. Still the government could facilitate medical treatment of Khaleda Zia by releasing her under Section 401 of CrPC. The explanation the law minister is putting forward is nothing but totally false.

Another BNP MP, Mosharraf Hossain said it seems it doesn’t matter to the government whether the BNP stays in parliament or not.

Among others, BNP MP Abdus Sattar Bhuiyan and Amiul Islam took part in the human chain.

Additional police force was deployed in Manik Mia Avenue area during the programme. The movement of people on the sidewalks was also controlled during the programme.

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