It should be thought intensely whether BNP is hinting about carrying out arson terrorism or creating anarchic situation by calling upon the party workers to wage war, he said.

He said if it becomes true, the people remain prepared to give a befitting reply to BNP’s arson terrorism and anarchy.

About AL president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s sacrifice and struggle, he said Sheikh Hasina’s journey in national politics began with the undisputed mentality of establishing democratic rights of the people of this soil.

Quader said she had to face imprisonments and oppressions a lot in her movement for people’s emancipation.

Sheikh Hasina had to face assassination attempts for many times but she kept her journey going defying all conspiracies to take ahead the country as a fearless warrior with the love of people, he said.

He said today Bangladesh attained a dignified position in the international arena under the dynamic leadership of prime minister Sheikh Hasina.

About BNP leaders’ remarks that they want democracy and to oust the government, Quader said at first they (BNP) should be democratic and respectful to democracy inside party and in politics.

Democracy is not only a matter of demanding but also it is a thing to be practiced, he said.

The minister said now election is the only path for changing the government. So, BNP has to wait for the next elections for government changeover, he said, adding that the party which will get public mandate will form the government.

Terming BNP a failed opposition party, he said BNP workers become frustrated due to the party’s failure in taking proper decision in proper time and reckless leadership.

Quader said BNP failed to take the party workers to streets after making all-out efforts in the last one era.

BNP secretary general sees per capital debt but he doesn’t see the uplift and prosperity of the country, he said, adding that the BNP government had kept the country’s economy dependent on others.

Under the leadership of prime minister Sheikh Hasina, now Bangladesh is a country of huge potentials coming out of the circle of disrepute, he said.

The minister said Bangladesh is now a role model of development and progress.

BNP is becoming frustrated gradually witnessing the government’s huge achievements, he said.

So, BNP secretary can only see debt but he can’t see the increase of per capital income to $2227, he said.

The AL general secretary said making falsehood and negativity all the time doesn’t suit the mouth of the leaders of a political party. Their remarks reveal their deep frustration and failure, he said.

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