A female leader of Bangladesh Chattra League’s Ruqayyah Hall unit of Dhaka University (DU), who was assaulted by two senior leaders of her organisation, has sent a letter to the DU proctor seeking security for her life. The proctor has assured her of providing all cooperation.

The beating took place in the DU’s law faculty and the Bangabandhu Tower areas at midnight on 22 December last year.

Victim Falguni Das is a joint secretary general of BCL’s Ruqayyah Hall unit of DU while the accused are central BCL’s joint secretary Benazir Hossain and Shamsunnahar Hall unit’s general secretary Jiasmin Shanta.

Two accused leaders, however, said they simply ‘castigated’ Falguni for her ‘discourtesy’.

Following the incident, Falguni sent a letter to DU proctor AKM Golam Rabbani seeking security for her life.


Speaking of her letter to the proctor, Falguni told Prothom Alo on Tuesday, “I referred to the incident of 21 December in the letter. I sought security for my life mentioning the names of Jiasmin and Benazir, who beat me, and DU BCL leader Shahjalal, who aided them in the incident. The proctor assured me of all cooperation. I sent the letter to inform the proctor in black and white before taking the legal action.”

AKM Golam Rabbani told Prothom Alo, “We have received Falguni Das’ letter seeking security. We assured her of providing all cooperation. She has been given several emergency phone numbers for all assistance. Besides, two assistant proctors have been told to contact her. They have been asked to inform us if they notice anything suspicious. We will take action if any student is involved with the incident. If outsiders are involved, legal action will be taken.”


BCL, however, did not form any probe body over the incident. Its central president Al-Nahean Khan Joy and general secretary Lekhak Bhattacharjee said they are personally looking into the matter.

Al-Nahean Khan told Prothom Alo, “We two as a team are investigating the incident. The allegation has been found to be true. I must say that it was not correct to treat anyone in such a manner.”

Following the incident, Falguni told Prothom Alo on 23 December, “While hanging out with friends, I said something regarding the allegation of Benazir’s infiltration into BCL. She somehow got to know about it and asked me to go to the law faculty at around 12 midnight on Monday. Jiasmin Shanta was with her. They started to interrogate me and tried to snatch my mobile phone. At one point they tried to beat me and I ran away. But they chased and caught me in front of the Bangabandhu Tower area. They pushed me to the ground and started to beat me indiscriminately.”


Falguni alleged that two boys aided Benazir and Jiasmin in the assault.

Falguni said she sustained injures on arms, legs and head.

She alleged that the university unit BCL leader Shah Jalal, who is a follower of Benazir, snatched her mobile.

“The university's proctorial team and police rescued me when they heard of the incident. I later received first aid at Dhaka Medical College Hospital,” Falguni added.