Referring to this statement, Mirza Fakhrul said, "First tell us that you have accepted the caretaker system and then treat us to tea if you want. I even said yesterday, the only solution is a representative parliament, an accountable government. This government has no accountability at all."

The BNP secretary general said, "There is no point in offering us tea. There is only one this we have to say, just resign, resign and hand over power to a neutral and non-partisan government. Form a new election commission to hold a credible election to bring the country back on track so we can advance ahead in the true sense of the word."

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, crises are arising in all sectors because there is no accountability at all within the government in any area. In the power sector, the quick rental power has been given indemnity. Plants will be set up without tenders and no one can be questioned about it, no case can be filed against any official. When indemnity is given in this manner, how can you expect there to be no corruption?

He quoted a folk adage, that a kingdom is ruined by the king, while the subjects suffer, adding that this applied to the present rule in the country which is overrun by the corruption, looting, ignorance of the rulers, and failure. People are suffering in every area, yet the rulers claim they are making Bangladesh into Singapore, and Malaysia. They are making it into Canada, San Francisco.

He said in an insinuating manner, "There surely are certain places in Bangladesh which are like that, but I won't name them. You will go there and think you really are in such a place."

In response to laughter from the audience, Mirza Fakhrul continued, "Yes, there are such places and more such places are being built now near Purbachal. But what is the condition of the general people? The rate of poverty is 40 to 42 per cent. There are many families in Kurigam, Gaibandha and Sunamganj who hardly can manage two square meals a day."

The BNP leader went on to say, "We are talking to all political parties and calling upon all the people of the country to unite and free the country from these terrible criminals, these robbers. They will have to be toppled through a movement on the streets to establish the Bangladesh dreamt of in 1971."

The meeting was chaired by the acting president of AEB, ANM Akhter Hossain.

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