Information minister Hasan Mahmud on Friday alleged that demonstrations were organised at different places across the country with hired elements at political instigation, reports UNB.

“Reports were published in the media based on intelligence reports that most of the demonstrations were politically instigated,” he said while talking to reporters at his Minto Road residence.

The minister said the government is committed to delivering relief materials to every destitute.

He urged BNP to stand by people instead of unnecessarily criticising the government, doing photo sessions and instigating people.

The prime minister has allocated Tk around 1 trillion to save the country from the impact of coronavirus which is approximately 3.3 per cent of the country’s GDP, Hasan Mahmu said.

The ongoing general holiday, aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus, has left a large number of people without jobs and food to feed their families.

People staged demonstrations in different districts demanding relief.