Retired major general AMSA Amin has launched a new political party 'Naitik Samaj' (ethical society).

He said this new party has been formed with a view to injecting moral values and leadership in the politics.

This political party was floated through a press conference at the National Press Club on Tuesday. Gonoforum president Dr Kamal Hossain virtually joined the event. Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder Zafarullah Chowdhury and Dhaka University law department professor Asif Nazrul were present.

With nomination from Awami League from Kurigram-2, AMSA Amin contested the election in 2001. Ahead of the 11th parliamentary elections, he joined the Gonoforum and contested the elections from the same constituency. And now he has floated a new political party.


Speaking as the chief guest, Dr Kamal Hossain welcomed the new party and said people respect honest persons.

"Moral education has to be imparted to the new generation. Ethics and honesty have to be practised. Dishonest people have never been able to lead permanently, and will not be able to do so. Everyone has to unite against the injustice," he said.

Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder Zafarullah Chowdhury said ethics have died in all spheres of life.

People of the minority communities are coming under attack one after another and the ruling partymen are doing this, Zafarullah said, adding that these heinous acts are happening due to lack of moral values.

Raising questions as to why the Brahmanbaria government office was attacked, he said people know that the employees of this office assisted in the voting at night of 2018, and they vented their anger.

Zafarullah criticised the killing of Hefazat men. He expressed his good wishes for the new political party 'Naitik Samaj'.

Asif Nazrul said, "We want to be optimistic when we see anything new. We have lost ethics from society. Nothing exists if ethics do not exist. If there is ethics, we can stand up against the injustice."


Agitating left leaning organisations and ex-DUCSU VP Nurul's organisation came under attack for protesting against the visit of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. Asif Nazrul criticised this as no one protested against the attack.

He also said, "Hefazat activists were killed as they broke the windows of Hathazari police station. Is this in any law?"

Who patronised Hefazat to reach such a level?" Asif Nazrul asked, also asking what message was being given by disallowing BNP, Jamaat and left leaning parties to carry on their political activities?

The DU professor observed that Hefazat, which talks in the mode of the Middle Ages, is being depicted as the main political party to the world. The government helped the rise of Hefazat, Asif Nazrul said.

About launching the new political party, AMSA Amin said politics is the main problem of the country.

As a result there is an erosion of ethical values, he said adding the major political parties are unable to bring honest people to politics and the people are worried about the future of the country.

Among others, former justice Abdus Salam and retired major Mujibul Haque were present.

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